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Primary Responsibilities:

  • Primary responsibility for developing the application with 100% bullet proof testing with Groovy, Grails and Vaadin including My SQL, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, Drupal 7, Drupal Gardens.
  • Worked with different engineers and product managers based in US (San Francisco), Germany & Pakistan.
  • Responsible for System analysis and design, Code review, Database designing and management, Data modeling, Data Migration and Documentation.
  • Developed Rich UI using Vaadin framework.
  • Developed the component which allows the users to sign the documents electronically on iPhone, iPad and different touch devices.
  • Cross browser and application responsive testing on different devices including ADT (Android Development Tool).
  • Agave application for Microsoft Office 15.
  • Responsible for writing test cases.
  • Responsibility for strict functional testing, regression testing, user experience testing, user interface testing and smoke testing.
  • Software performance tuning and Load testing using jMeter, Your Kit Java Profiler and Visual VM Profiler.
  • Code deployment on Jenkins to make builds on daily basis.
  • Daily Scrum meetings with product owner.
  • Weekly code coverage reports, code review meetings to improve the code quality and back logging for project release planning.

About CIC‘s SignatureOne®

CIC‘s SignatureOne® allow users to electronically sign and fill many different types of documents using almost any eSignature method. Once signed, the document is bound cryptographically to the signature so that any tampering can be detected.

CIC‘s SignatureOne® provides a highly secure, scalable, patent-protected and streamlined electronic signature solution. Its flexible, easy-to-configure and agile workflow can be rapidly integrated via standard Web services to become the ultimate and most cost efficient endpoint in true straight-through processing (the complete removal of paper from business processes) and to facilitate end-to-end management of multi-party approvals for PDF and XHTML documents. It's a highly scalable, state of the art enterprise server product that can support over a billion transactions and can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud. It represents a proven and patented technology that has been in production for several years and is used by Fortune 500 enterprises to process over 100 million esignatures annually.

SignatureOne® Ceremony™ Server was designed to support both on-premise and cloud security standard frameworks. It natively supports single sign-on (SSO), such as SAML or OAuth, as well as multi-factor authentication and verification methods, including third party knowledge-based authentication (KBA) and our core biometric solutions that are used globally for dynamic signature verification (DSV).

SignatureOne® Ceremony™ Server contains CIC’s core esignature engine and signature ceremony management tools, and can be seamlessly integrated with numerous ancillary products. Its key features include:

  • Consent/disclosure management – integral part of audit record; easily reproducible in the event of a dispute
  • Configurable document presentment – signatory receipt, access and viewing of document tracked in audit trail
  • Multi-party/role ceremonies – complex processes, simplified; allowing for dynamic, multi-channel workflow changes, including remote, face-to-face and mobile scenarios
  • Supports complex business rules and dynamic user behaviors
  • Configurable branding and workflow –to meet client requirements, not ours
  • Flexible tracking and reporting – real time; easy to use; including event notification service
  • Extensive audit trail – embedded in individual document in tamper evident digital seal
  • Support for multiple signature methods – more options than any other provider