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Groupon Goods (Web Automation)

Groupon is the world's largest deal of the day website. I gworked on it's "Goods Portal" for "Web Automation" using Java and Selenium Web Driver as well as with manual testing, smoke testing, UI testing, UX testing and functional testing.

Primary Responsibilities: 

  • Followed the Agile Scrum to create Groupon international goods platform.
  • Worked on web automation using Selenium based Goblin framework which was internally developed by Groupon Company.
  • Responsibility for maintaining and developing the fully customized web automation framework named as "Goblin".
  • Developed the more than 153+ automations using Java and Selenium Web Driver for complex and dynamic interfaces.
  • Maintained the existing automated tests with newly implemented features.
  • Manual testing including smoke testing, UI testing, UX testing and functional testing.
  • Complete testing of Goods portal on different web browsers with manual and automated process.
  • Identify test scenarios for manual and automated testing to develop test cases, and check the functionality and business flows with a code breakdown approach.
  • Participated in previously developed test cases from other developers.
  • Worked with team to review the code and sending Pull Requests in timely manners.
  • Handled the Git forked repos, branches, conflicts and code rebase issues.
  • Organized and facilitated weekly stand-up meetings, reviews, retrospectives, sprint and release planning, and other Scrum-related meetings. 

I love writing web automations and wishing to work back on it soon! :)