The life never have been so lucky on me like the way today I am. I started my career in very early age to learn the things quickly and make more money to support the family financially. I have been working very hard in all the day and night of my life with thrilling passion to grow up in software industry and internet business. I have worked in many different technologies, tools and platforms in timely fashion. I'm familiar with the followings tools & technologies.



Design Techniques & Prototyping

Object Oriented Design, Database Design, Design Patterns, Balsamiq, Microsoft Viso, Rational Rose and Db Designer 4

Development Methodologies

Agile, SCRUM, Sprints, Kanban, TDD, BDD

Emerging Web Technologies

jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Prototype, SASS, Compass, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, Yahoo User Interface Kit, Facebook OpenGraph API, Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, Elastic and more) 

Programming & Scripting Languages

PHP, Python, Java, Groovy, JavaScript, JSON, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSLT, XUL, CSS, SQL, ASP.NET, Visual Basic

Development Frameworks & Open Source CMS

Laravel, CodeIgnator, PHP Cake, Zend Framework, Yii, Compass, Zurb Foundation, Bootstrap, Drupal 7, Drupal Gardens, WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Doctrine ORM, Grails, Vaadin, Selenium

Development Tools & IDEs

Intelij IDEA, PHP Strom, Web Strom, NetBeans, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, Zend Studio

Database Management Systems

MySQL, SQL Lite, MS SQL, Access

Configuration, Build and Project Management Tools

Git, Gitlab, Subversion, Jenkins, Cloudbees, Maven, Phabricator, Microsoft Project, BaseCamp, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, JIRA

Application Servers

Apache, Tomcat, NGnix, IIS 

Performance and Load Testing

Visual VM, Your Kit Profiler, jMeter, Fiddler 2, 

Operating Systems

Ubuntu, Windows, Mac OSX


AWS (Amazon Web Services), Linux Asterisk Gateway for IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition), PHP AGI, and Kannel (Open source WAP & SMS Gateway) 


I love to learn and share the knowledge.  I believe when we share the knowledge, we actually learn and grow up one step ahead.